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Date: 28-02-12

New NFC chip from NXP offers increased RF range and higher data speed

At Mobile World Congress, NXP Semiconductors has announced its newest flagship NFC chip, the PN547. NXP claims the PN547 outperforms any NFC radio controller in performance and offers doubled RF range, a 50% smaller footprint, a 5x improvement in wireless data throughput and a 50% lower power consumption than the current market benchmark PN544. It interoperates with any contactless reader and NFC tag. Also offers multi-application support including full MIFARE family compatibility (Classic 1K, Classic 4K, DESFire, Plus) and native reader device mode functionality for expanded NFC use cases such as secure, mobile contactless POS applications and mobile ticketing.

PN547 to be available with multiple interfaces to secure elements, offering flexibility to MNO technology preference and OEMs around secure element form factor (µSD, UICC, eSE). Its benefits are available to all MNOs and OEM customers that market advanced mobile devices designed for the 4G era, says NXP.

"We are at an exciting inflection point for smart phones and the NFC market in particular with an attach rate of 47% in 2015", said John Devlin, Group Director, Security and ID for ABI Research. "As more sophisticated NFC applications are deployed, mobile users expect exceptional user experiences delivering trusted reliability and interoperability across secure identification, payment, ticketing, access and proximity marketing use cases. By continuously advancing the state of the technology, NXP is responding to end user needs."

"NXP's proven interoperability, leading technology and Mobile Transactions success story form the most powerful NFC radio in the market that sets a new benchmark for performance, footprint and lowest power consumption", says Henri Ardevol, vice president and general manager, secure transactions, NXP Semiconductors. "Handset manufacturers demand exceptional performance to satisfy their customers. The PN547 is the industry's only solution that meets those needs."

PN547 Solution Highlights:
Supports smaller mobile devices via 50% smaller footprint
Supports longer battery life; power consumption reduced 50%
Reliable tapping action - best In Class RF performance with a 2x increase in RF operating range and unique, embedded MIFARE crypto for expanded interoperability
Faster tapping action - increasing the system data through put by a factor 5
Improved OEM profitability, lower total cost of integration through support for smaller antennas and reduced count of external component
Leverages NXP's OpenSource OS integration, 130+ NFC design in projects, and end-to-end expertise.

NXP Semiconductors has also announced its collaboration with FeliCa Networks to ensure interoperability between NXP's family of NFC radio controller solutions and the Japan infrastructure compliant to FeliCa (NFC-F).

NXP and FeliCa Networks plan to collaborate in expanding the functionality of NXP's global leading NFC radio controller with the integration of FeliCa Networks' technology, which will enable interoperability with the FeliCa (NFC-F) compliant reader infrastructure and with Osaifu-Keitai phones in Japan.

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