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Date: 14-11-11

Touch-over-AUX DisplayPort 1.3 TCON with touch screen controller from IDT

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. has announced that it has developed and successfully demonstrated the industry's first touch-over-AUX Embedded DisplayPort 1.3 (eDP)-based timing controller (TCON) with integrated touch screen controller. The new TCON processes and transmits touch sensor data over the eDP auxiliary channel, eliminating a supplemental touch screen controller and USB interface.

eDP 1.3 TCON features an integrated touch controller designed to transmit touch data over the existing DisplayPort auxiliary channel, allowing system makers to eliminate a costly USB interface and reduce the number of wires that must pass through a display's hinge in touch enables thin ultrabooks. The IDT device includes an embedded MicroController Unit (MCU) and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for communication with the touch sensor.

"Touch-over-AUX technology mitigates many of the cost adders associated with touch screen functionality in portable devices," said Jason Lu, director of marketing for the Video and Display Operation at IDT. "Our demonstration of the industry's first eDP TCON featuring touch-over-AUX is another example of IDT's leadership in the eDP market. We are able to minimize LCD display panel costs and dimensions by integrating the touch controller into the TCON and also eliminate the touch data communication wire to the host by leveraging the existing DisplayPort AUX channel. This results in a win-win for LCD panel and system manufacturers."

For more info visit www.idt.com/go/display.

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