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Date: 13-09-11

Dual-channel, programmable, 6-pole low-pass filters and VGAs in a single chip

Analog Devices, Inc., has introduced the two VGA (variable gain amplifier) chips. The new ADRF6516 VGA incorporates dual-channel, programmable, 6-pole low-pass filters and VGAs in a single chip and also introduced the ADL5336 VGA, which for the first time integrates two IF (intermediate frequency) VGAs and a pair of programmable rms (root-mean-square) detectors.

"The ADRF6516 dual-channel, programmable low-pass filters and VGAs, and the ADL5336 VGAs with rms detectors are the latest examples of how Analog Devices' detector, programmable filter and amplifier technologies are helping designers of next-generation radio equipment manage component count and system cost while continuously improving performance," said Peter Real, vice president, Linear and RF products, Analog Devices. "Whether they are addressing point-to-point microwave radios, wireless base stations, communications test equipment or other applications, RF system designers can take advantage of the high level of integration and still achieve breakthrough levels of performance when compared to traditional discrete RF designs."

ADI explains that the ADRF6516 is a highly flexible, single-chip; matched pair of variable gain amplifiers with programmable low pass filters ideal for baseband A/D converter driver applications. The flexibility in gain setting and filter programming allows the ADRF6516 to support a receiver with a variable signal bandwidth and gain requirements. The ADRF6516 is designed to support a single 3.3-V supply.

Key features of ADRF6516 include:
Continuous gain control range: 50 dB
Digital gain control range: 15 dB
6-pole, 1 MHz to 31 MHz programmable Butterworth low pass filter
IMD3 > -65 dBc for 1.5-Vpp composite output
HD2, HD3 > -65 dBm for 1.5-Vpp output
Packaged in 32-lead, 5 mm × 5-mm LFCSP.

ADI also explains that ADL5336 is a cascadable analog dual IF VGA with two integrated rms detectors that can replace up to four discrete RF components plus additional passive discrete components and it can operate independently or as two cascaded amplifiers, while the rms detectors can be programmed for independent gain control for each VGA. When the ADL5336 is configured in a cascaded VGA mode, the device provides a continuous gain control range of 48 dB. The maximum gain for each amplifier can be programmed via SPI control. An additional switch has been integrated to allow the second VGA to toggle between two input sources.
Key features of ADL5336 include:
3-dB bandwidth = 1 GHz
IMD3 > -62 dBc for 1 Vpp composite output at 140 MHz
Noise figure = 6.8 dB at 140 MHz
Detector output set point range: -24 dBV to -3 dBV
Single supply operation: 4.5 V to 5.5 V
Exposed paddle 5-mm × 5-mm, 32-lead LFCSP package

The ADL5336 suggested for applications requiring high dynamic-range such as point-to-multipoint radios and instrumentation and medical equipment.

Pricing, Availability and Complementary Products

Product Sample Availability Full Production Price Each In 1,000 Quantities Packaging
ADRF6516 Now Now $8.99 32-lead LFCSP 5-mm × 5-mm
ADRF6516-EVALZ Now Now $150 Evaluation Board
ADL5336 Now Now $5.98 32-lead LFCSP 5-mm × 5-mm
ADL5336-EVALZ Now Now $150 Evaluation Board


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