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Date: 07-06-11

PDK for 0.18µm HV CMOS technology for austriamicrosystems' foundry

austriamicrosystems business unit Full Service Foundry has announced the availability of two new analog/mixed signal high performance process design kits ("HIT-Kit") for its 0.18µm High-Voltage CMOS technology H18. Jointly developed with IBM, the 0.18µm High-Voltage CMOS process is the 6th generation of continuously improved High-Voltage CMOS technologies developed at austriamicrosystems.

austriamicrosystems says based on Cadence Virtuoso custom design platform (both, IC 5.1.41 and 6.1.4 releases), the new HIT-Kits significantly improve the time-to-market for highly competitive products in the analog intensive mixed signal, smart sensor and System-on-Chip arena.

Both new HIT-Kits, version 3.78 (qualified for IC 5.1.41) as well as version 4.01 (qualified for IC 6.1.4) support the 0.18µm specialty process technology H18 (High-Voltage CMOS) which is based on IBM's industry proven foundry process technology CMOS7RF.The kits come complete with silicon-qualified digital, analog and RF library elements, complete sets of low voltage devices (1.8V and 5.0V) and high-voltage devices with various gate oxide thicknesses (20V and 50V devices). Fully characterized simulation models, extraction and verification run sets for both, Calibre and Assura and automatic layout device generators (pcells) are included. Routines such as Safe Operating Area verification tool (SOAC) and Life-Time simulation tool are included in the kit.

"The H18 process is already the 6th generation of High-Voltage CMOS processes developed at austriamicrosystems and it is now ready for design and volume production. Both new HIT-Kits are a result of austriamicrosystems' continuous efforts to deliver best-in-class design environment and analog foundry services to our customers" states Thomas Riener, Senior Vice President and General Manager of austriamicrosystems' Full Service Foundry business unit. "Offering two new HIT-Kits supporting different Cadence versions provide full flexibility to our customers and enable them to easily start design activities with our 0.18µm High-Voltage CMOS specialty process in a broad range of smart green applications such as power management and LED driver applications."

The digital standard cell libraries included in this H18 HIT-Kit have a gate density of 118kGates/mm² and are available both in standard and low leakage versions. All I/O structures within the design kit are silicon-validated and meet the military ESD and JEDEC latch-up standards with I/O pads designed to surpass 4kV HBM and 250mA latch-up immunity.

To know more visit http://asic.austriamicrosystems.com/hitkit401.

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