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Date: 20-02-11

Precision 24-bit ADC from Nuvoton for measuring instruments

Nuvoton Technology has announced the first device in its new line of high precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC) solutions- NAU780X. The NAU780X is a low-power 24-bit sigma-delta ADC designed specifically for Weight Scales, Industrial Process Control, Strain Gauges, Data Acquisition, Portable Instrumentation and Fluid/Gas Analyzers.
NAU780X offers on-chip LDO and onboard low-noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA), onboard RC or Crystal oscillator, and a precision 24-bit sigma-delta analog to digital converter (ADC) capable of up to 23-bit ENOB (Effective Number Of Bits) performance to provide complete front-end solution for bridge/sensor measurement such as in weigh scales, strain gauges, and many other high resolution, low sample rate applications.

NAU780X provides a standard 2-wire interface compatible with I2C protocol for connecting to host of processors. Also, NAU780X reserves hardware space for the on-chip calibration registers and algorithm so as to ease the software calculation burden and time.

The Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) provides selectable gains from 1 to 128, depending on the usage of different applications. The A/D conversion is performed with a Sigma-Delta modulator and programmable FIR filter that provides a simultaneous 50Hz and 60Hz notch filter to effectively improve interference immunity.

The NAU780X is supported with development platform and simple graphical user interface development tools for quick design.

In order to fulfill different customers' need, NAU7801 8-pin solution is good at the minimal BOM cost. NAU7802 16-pin solution provides the superlative resolution for the accurate rated applications.

NAU7801: 8 pin SOP and DIP package
NAU7802: 16 pin SOP and DIP package

Availability: Now

NAU7801: Each US$1.25 in quantities of 1000
NAU7802: Each US$1.50 in quantities of 1000

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