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Date: 06-01-11

ANT+ and Bluetooth transceiver chips in a single module

Texas Instruments has launched new CC2567, wireless module packing both, ANT+ and Bluetooth transceivers. TI claims this dual mode CC2567 requires 80 percent less board area than a design with two single-mode solutions (one ANT+, one Bluetooth), enables simultaneous operation over a shared antenna with built-in coexistence, and increases the wireless transmission range up to two times the distance of a single-mode ANT+ solution.

TI is offering short range wireless device developers with with ANT+ Bluetooth Health & Fitness Aggregator Kit and CC257x ANT Network Processor Kit.

"TI is uniquely positioned to leverage its short range wireless expertise gained through the development of our wireless combo chips and low power RF portfolios. As a result, we're the first to wirelessly bridge the gap between ANT+ and Bluetooth devices with a single chip, dual-mode solution-the CC2567 device. Whether our customers are building an ANT+-based sensor or an aggregator connecting that sensor to the Smartphone and PC worlds, we have the right solution to meet their needs," said Eran Sandhaus, director of marketing, wireless connectivity solutions, TI.

On the market facts TI says the established ANT+ interoperable ecosystem offers an install base of more than 11 million devices that, for example, monitor heart rate, weight, speed, or distance data. With nearly three billion Bluetooth-enabled endpoint devices -- like PCs, tablets or Smartphones -- on the market, direct communication with Bluetooth becomes the optimal wireless communication channel adds TI.

"TI's solution offers the best of both worlds: the leader in high speed wireless transport linking to the leader in ULP wireless sensor data collection," stated Rod Morris, Director, ANT Wireless. "This gives the consumer the ubiquitous solution they need to easily make health and fitness a part of daily life."

This compact module measuring 9 mm x 9.5 mm x 1.8 mm offers Bluetooth and ANT RF performance of +10 dBm Tx power with transmit power control and -93 dBm sensitivity to rise the range of distance covered for ANT devices.

CC2567 supports ANT+ ultra low power (master and slave devices) and Bluetooth power saving modes (park, sniff, hold) and also Bluetooth ultra low power modes (deep sleep, power down).

Editorial Product Rating: *** (High value)

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