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Date: 26-01-11

10G transceiver chip and low power laser diode shunt driver IC from Ensphere

Ensphere Solutions has made available the new 10G transceiver IC (ESI-1002) and matching laser diode shunt driver IC (ESI-1010). ESI-1002 integrates limiting amplifier (LIA) and vertical-cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) driver. It is suggested for designing optical modules for 10G Ethernet, 4G, and 8G Fiber Channel (FC).

The key features of ESI-1002 chip are:

1. Fully compliant to SFF-8472 electrical requirements and supports a SPI processor interface for      diagnostics and monitoring.
2. Includes elaborate circuitry to monitor key parameters such as system supply voltage, temperature,     laser bias and modulation currents, transmit power levels
3. Can be used to drive FP/DFB laser in conjunction with an external driver such as ESI-1010.
4. ESI-1002 can drive VCSELs with up to 28mA modulation current.
5. Power dissipation of less than 800mW which includes the laser current.

The key features of ESI-1010 chip are:

1. ESI-1010 is a single channel 10G laser diode driver (LDD)
2. supports multiple laser RC time constants.
3. Can supply up to 100 mA of bias and 50 mA of modulation currents.
4. In a shunt configuration, ESI-1010 can drive low impedance laser diode while presenting a 50 ohms     load to the preceding driver which is far easier to drive. This configuration reduces the overall power     dissipation of the system.
5. Total power dissipation of 50 mW.
6. Available in die form and can be installed in constricted spaces adjacent to the actual FP/DFB laser     minimizing the length of bond wires.
7. Its predriver can be conveniently placed further away with no risk of signal integrity degradation.

"These products have been defined and developed in close cooperation with leading optical module vendors and are being shipped in volume" said Hessam Mohajeri, Ensphere"s Chief Executive Officer. "Aside from low power dissipation, their key differentiation is the fact that they have been part of real live networks and have passed the test of time with flying colors."

Availability: Now
Price: The pair is priced at $5 in high volumes.

Editorial Product Rating: ** (Average Plus) New in the market and is feature rich

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