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Date: 10-11-10

Current sensors from TDK-EPC measure up to 200 - 300A in electric and hybrid cars

TDK-EPC has introduced new current sensor devices as part of its SAA series. SAA0032 is in mass production stage, and the SAA0033 is still in development. Both are designed to measure currents up to 200 and 300 Amps. They operate on the closed-loop principle to attain high current measurement accuracy. The absolute measuring error including thermal effects is rated approximately 1% over the whole current range.

The open-loop variant, the SAA02 series, which is still under development is cost-effective solution. It is distinguished by a high rated current of up to 800 A with a controlled offset voltage. The SAA0040 variant, which is suitable for mounting on a circuit board is also under development, offers a short response time of under 5 µs and is designed for currents of up to 32 Amps.

SAA series are suggested for battery driven Hybrid Elecric Vehicle, Electric Vehicle and also as current measurement sensors in solar and wind-driven power installations.

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