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Date: 09-11-10

Sharp adds three new members to its memory LCD family

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) has announced additions to its Memory LCD product line. These include a 2.94-inch display, a 6.0-inch display, and a new 2.7-inch Transflective display.

Sharp claims its LCD technology delivers a high-contrast, high-resolution display that allows for denser content than many other types of same-sized LCDs. It also eliminates sweeping images or "ghosting," because only the part of the image that requires updating needs to be changed.

Every pixel in the LCD display embeds 1-bit memory to retain the display status so that while updating the image less power is consumed. These displays panels are lighter and thinner making them more suitable for palmtop applications such as tablets smart phones.
Comes with built in LCD driver and a 3-wire SPI serial interface to enable easy interface to the SoC chip/processor/microcontroller.

Sharp is offering two types of Memory LCD modules:

1. Silver Metallic Polymer Network Liquid Crystal Modules (PNLC)

Sharp's Polymer Networked Liquid Crystal (PNLC)-type Memory LCD is composed of a PNLC layer formed between a transparent surface electrode and mirror-reflective pixel electrodes. The PNLC module uses a scattering mode and does not require polarizers,

2. Clear Monochrome HR-TFT Module

Sharp's HR-TFT technology adds a polarizer to the top layer to enhance the contrast of the display. The black level is enhanced resulting in a crisp black and white image that closely mimics the readability of print on paper.

Below are three models available in different sizes:

1. 2.7-inch WQVGA HR-TFT Transflective Memory LCD (LS027B7DH01)

2. The 2.94-inch PNLC Memory LCD (LS029B4DN01)

3. The 6.0-inch HR-TFTMemory LCD (LS060S2UD01)

2.7-inch Transflective LS027B7DH01: US$50
2.94-inch LS029B4DN01: US$65
6.0-inch LS060S2UD01: US$95

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