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Date: 02-11-10

Intersil's two new chips manage health of the Li-Ion batteries in electric vehicles

Intersil has launched a pair of ICs for monitoring the batteries used in modern electric driven cars where high current rated Lithium Ion batteries are used instead of old Lead Acid. The two new devices are ISL78601 and ISL78600.

The ISL78600 battery management chip packs 14-bit temperature compensated data converter that scans 12 channels in less than 250 microseconds. For a car with 126 to 168 celled Battery pack need 11 to 14 ISL78600s. When combined with four external temperature sensors, the ISL78600 enables measurements across the full battery operating temperature range. Whereas safety monitoring IC, ISL78601 provides a 12-channel automotive grade Li-Ion battery fault and safety monitoring.

ISL78601 and Intersil's ISL78600 can be paired for taking care of HEV/PHEV(plug-in hybrid)/EV Li-Ion batteries so that battery healthy and safety can be monitored.

ISL78600 and ISL78601's communication interface to other devices is immune from noise and power transients and uses fully differential daisy-chain architecture to work on low cost twisted pair wiring to stack multiple battery packs together while protecting against hot plugging and high voltage transients.

ISL78601 has built-in fault detection for its internal functions and detects external faults such as over and under voltage. The device also includes a watchdog timer to detect communication failures.

The ISL78600 and ISL78601 allows for easy connections to microcontrollers via either a 2.5MHz SPI or 400KHz I2C interface, and is specified for -40°C to 105°C operation.

ISL78600: 10mm x 10mm 64-lead TQFP
ISL78601: 38-lead 9.7mm x 4.4mm TSSOP

ISL78600: Starts at each US$6.50 for 10K pieces
ISL78601: Starts at each US$1.85 for 10K pieces

Availability: Now

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