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Date: 11-10-10

Small size fingerprint sensor from AuthenTec

AuthenTec has unveiled the AES850, a fingerprint sensor that the company states is the world's smallest fingerprint sensor for combining authentication and navigation functions in one device. This sensor can integrate with central navigation key on QWERTY keypads or any navigation-function device. The AES850 also functions as an authentication and secondary navigation device on touchscreen smartphones.

The key features of AES850 include:
--The AES850 is available in an Ultra-small form factor, 1.2mm thin, 8mm X 8mm 22-pin molded LGA package
--Ultra-hard surface coating offers >9H scratch hardness
--92 x 8 pixel sensor array provides 500 DPI resolution
--Mobile phone operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
--Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI & McBSP compatible)
--Fast I2C Interface (400K bps)
--Android, Windows Mobile, Linux, Symbian and other OS Support

AuthenTec's patented TruePrint RF technology and TrueMatch pattern matching algorithms have been enhanced in the AES850. The device also integrates TrueNav cursor and menu navigation technology, providing on-chip motion estimation and track optimization with added features including precise cursor control and turbo-scrolling.

"Our new AES850 is the smallest, fully-featured sensor ever offered by AuthenTec, and is the result of our close collaboration with the world's leading smartphone manufacturers," said Art Stewart, Vice President of AuthenTec's Smart Sensor Solutions. "Saturn is optimized for the demanding requirements of today's touchscreen and QWERTY-equipped smartphones and feature phones, providing excellent biometric and navigation performance in the smallest, most durable package we have ever offered. This new sensor is also a perfect fit for consumer electronics such as remote controls that require convenient navigation and personalization. We can now offer smartphone and feature phone OEMs the option of adding cost-effective smart sensor technology for navigation and authentication via our compact AES850 or via our AES1750 sensor for larger form factor needs."

AuthenTec has also released a new mobile identity management software, TrueSuite Mobile for smart sensors in mobile phones. TrueSuite Mobile offer simple and secure management of personal data, an intuitive user interface that enables setup of the AuthenTec smart sensor, and customizable user settings to enable one-touch phone lock and unlock.

The key features of TrueSuite Mobile include:
--One-touch phone lock and unlock
--Compatible with AuthenTec QuickSec VPN Client for one-touch secure channel
--APIs to enable development of fingerprint-enabled mobile apps
--Secure Credential Management System
--Customizable and intuitive user interface
--Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian and other OS Support

TrueSuite Mobile software supports AuthenTec's newest smart sensors including the AES1750 and this AES850 for use in mobile phones.

"Smartphones continue to be one of the fastest growing segments of the mobile market, due in no small part to the user experience and proliferation of applications. We are pleased to now offer a complete biometric solution for greatly enhancing this user experience via TrueSuite Mobile and our newest smart sensors," said Art Stewart, Vice President of AuthenTec's Smart Sensor Solutions. "With our intuitive, easy to use interface, simplified API for application development and our smart sensor technologies, we have created a compelling solution to expand the market and ecosystem for biometrics in mobile phones. AuthenTec is the only sensor provider offering such a software solution for mobile phones, and we strongly believe that TrueSuite Mobile will allow mobile phone OEMs to easily integrate, and customize the user experience in their smartphones and connected devices."

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