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Date: 11-10-10

75V/500A power MOSFET from IXYS merges TrenchT2 technology into SMPD packages

IXYS has released a 75V/500A Power MOSFET named the MMIX1F520N075T2. The device merges IXYS' high-performance TrenchT2 technology with its high-current density power package, referred to as the "SMPD" (Prefix MM). This power MOSFET is suggested for a variety of high power switching applications. Suitable applications include DC-DC converters, UPS, electrical bikes, motor control, solid state relays, and high-current industrial battery charging applications.

IXYS' TrenchT2 technology allows for improved channel density while achieving lower on-state resistance and gate charge to facilitate energy-efficient switching at high speeds. The power switching capabilities of the device is further enhanced with IXYS' HiPerFET process. Additional features include a 175 degrees Centigrade maximum operating temperature and avalanche capabilities.

The MMIX1F520N075T2 promote device consolidation through the reduction or elimination of multiple paralleled lower current rated MOSFET devices in high power switching applications. IXYS' new SMPD power package incorporates a Direct-Copper-Bond (DCB) ceramic isolator which provides 2500Vrms electrical isolation between die and heat sink. The release says that the ultra-low package profile (5.3mm height x 24.8mm length x 32.3mm width), the SMPD power package features nearly onefourth the weight and one-third the volume of conventional isolated high power packages (i.e., SOT-227).

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