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Date: 10-09-10

1 microsecond to 33.6 seconds pulse generator IC from Linear Tech

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC6993, a tiny “one-shot” pulse generator, the latest member of the TimerBlox family of timing devices The devices one-shot function, also known as a monostable multivibrator, is used for accurate event timing, edge detection, and frequency discrimination. The pulse generator is programmed using less no of resistors. The programmability range allows LTC6993 to operate from 1us to 33.6 seconds, spanning 25 octaves.

Four versions of LTC6993 are available, providing choice of rising and falling-edge trigger polarities, as well as retrigger capability. Retriggering allows multiple input triggers to extend an output pulse. Without retriggering, the output pulse ignores multiple input triggers and can only be initiated when the output is not active. Each LTC6993 can be configured to generate logic high or low output pulses. The LTC6993 family covers a total of eight logic functions. The LT6993 can dynamically adjust the output pulse width using a separate control voltage.

TimerBlox family combines accurate programmable oscillator with precision circuitry and logic. No capacitors, no crystals, no microcontroller and no programming are required. These devices are solid state and can be operated under high acceleration, vibration and temperature extremes. These devices have a source and sink capability of 20mA thus enabling the devices to directly drive opto-isolators and transformers for electrical isolation. These devices are fully specified over the temperature range of -40°C to 125°C and are suitable automotive and industrial environments where many oscillators and microcontrollers are unable to operate. These devices come in a SOT23 footprint. These devices are suggested for space-limited applications such as handheld and portable devices.

TimerBlox family includes small, accurate and simple timing devices, designed for 5 basic operations: Voltage-Controlled Oscillation (VCO), Low Frequency Clocking, Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), One-Shot Generation and Signal Delay.

“The LTC6993 was designed to be flexible and simple.” says Doug LaPorte, design manager for Linear Technology. “This allows an accurate one-shot to be added to nearly any circuit with ease.”

Price: Starts at each US$1.35 for 1K pieces.

For more information visit: www.linear.com/6993.

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