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Date: 22-07-10

HD radio chipset from STMicroelectronics certified by iBiquity

STMicroelectronics's HD Radio Technology chipset, embedded in the Alps Electric module has been certified by iBiquity Digital Corporation for meeting comprehensive performance requirements.

iBiquity Digital certification parameters include sensitivity, acquisition time, audio quality verification, functional check and bit error rate testing. ST says that this device has already scored multiple design wins for both built-in and after-market HD Radio receiver installations and other car equipment manufacturers working with ST's chipset are expecting to get their certification shortly.

The HD Radio Technology, developed by iBiquity offers enhanced sound quality, more programming choice, and new wireless data services on existing FM and AM radio channels. This technology is growing in the car market and has been adopted by 13 automotive brands representing over 70 vehicle lines to date.

ST's solution uses the STA680 base-band receiver with the TDA7706 RF front-end IC and extends the functionality of HD Radio receivers with features such as Conditional Access Support and Dual Channel Application (HD Radio 1.5). ST's chipset embeds a technology that allows broadcasters to offer pay-per-listen options and private channels for specific needs. The conditional access system scrambles the signal and entitles authorized receivers to decode it with a custom key.

Supporting HD Radio 1.5, the receiver is also able to simultaneously demodulate audio and data from two independent radio channels. Therefore, it is possible to receive audio content from one channel, while pulling traffic and weather information from another one at the same time.

"STMicroelectronics' industry-leading expertise in digital audio and car infotainment has played an instrumental role in the development of new-generation HD Radio chipsets," said Jeff Jury, Chief Operating Officer at iBiquity. "An important milestone, the pre-certification of ST-based module sets to accelerate the adoption of HD Radio technology, providing equipment manufacturers with an optimized, one-stop-shop solution for next-generation car-radio reception."

"Now that HD Radio Technology is picking up popularity in the automotive industry, car equipment manufacturers seek access to state-of-the-art and reliable silicon solutions," said Makoto Kawasaki, Group Leader of RF Products, Alps Electric, a leading car equipment manufacturer. "ST's end-to-end offering, which integrates both the tuner and decoder parts, supports all the latest features of HD Radio and meets the strict automotive design and quality requirements

For more information visit: www.st.com.

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