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Date: 20-07-10

Evaluation board for laser diode driver IC from IXYS

IXYS's Colorado division has developed the EVLD02-II Evaluation Board. This board provides a platform for evaluation of the IXLD02SI Laser Diode Driver IC (Integrated Circuit). The enhancements made to the EVLD02-II Evaluation Board include clear layout, easier operation, improved thermal performance and improved pulse performance.

The key features of the EVLD02-II evaluation board include:
1. Utilizes an input power of +5V (or +7V for higher diode voltage options).
2. All components are placed on the top side of the circuit board and are clearly marked for reference to     the schematic diagram supplied with each unit.
3. Connection to laser diode driver is provided using use/reuse pads.
4. Enough distance is maintained between every circuit elements to reduce the risk of shorting.
5. The companion operating instructions have a quick start guide for users familiar with laser diode     driver products and a comprehensive guide to the operation of the circuit for easy reference.
6. The improved thermal techniques of the board enables operation up to a frequency of 17MHz thus     utilizing the full frequency range of the IXLD02SI Laser Diode Driver IC.
7. No additional heat sinking is required for the operation of the IXLD02SI as mounted on the     EVLD02- II.
8. The low inductance board layout techniques enables high speed and high performance operation of      the IXLD02SI Laser Diode Driver IC.
9. This device has a pulse widths of 1.5nS and rise and fall times of 600pS.
10. The IXLD02SI features frequency and pulse width agility, which can be set and changed       independently in real time.

The EVLD02-II can be used to demonstrate the value of the IXLD02SI Laser Diode Driver IC in applications such as:
- High Speed Laser Diode Drivers
- Low Power Ultra Fast Line Drivers
- Pulse Generators

The IXLD02SI offers burst mode, modulated and higher duty cycle operation with the proper circuit topology and heat sinking. These additional features can be used in applications such as differential power drivers and high speed frequency modulators.

For more information visit: www.ixyscolorado.com

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