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Date: 13-07-10

SABRE 3D electroplating system from Novellus for WLP packaging market

Novellus Systems has unveiled the SABRE 3D electroplating system for wafer-level packaging (WLP) market. This device utilizes the SABRE Electrofill copper damascene interconnect system, SABRE 3D's flexible and modular architecture technology from Novellus delivers a range of high-productivity WLP processes, including copper through-silicon vias (TSV), copper redistribution layers (RDL), pillars, under-bump metallization, and lead-free micro-bumping. The new SABRE 3D platform employs innovations such as TurboCell technology for high rate electroplating, Pretreatment Technology (APT) for wetting, and XMM overburden reduction.

SABRE 3D was designed to meet the emerging needs of the WLP market with an innovative, flexible, and modular architecture that maximizes footprint density, enables configurable multi-layer processing, and supports field extendibility for capacity expansion. The field-configurable design also simplifies the transition from the development environment to high volume manufacturing. SABRE 3D incorporates many of the technologies used in the SABRE platform. The new SABRE 3D platforms integrate SABRE's sealed dry contacts, innovative clamshell and cell design, SmartDose bath control, and precision wafer handling.

SABRE 3D delivers void-free TSV fill and improves TSV integration by reducing thermally-induced via protrusion. Advanced Pretreatment Technology (APT) ensures robust wetting and consistent fill initiation, resulting in plating times up to 50 percent faster than competing offerings according to Novellus. Novellus also says that its XMM technology, an in-line isotropic wet etch process, enables independent control of plated copper fill and overburden and reduces CMP cost of consumables by up to 70 percent.

"The new SABRE 3D platform leverages over 12 years of industry-leading electroplating technology and experience to address the emerging requirements of the advanced WLP market," said Sesha Varadarajan, vice president and general manager of Novellus' Electrofill business unit. "SABRE 3D's innovative design and feature set support a range of applications for 3D integration where technology and cost are equally important."

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