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Date: 21-06-10

Digitally controlled DC-DC converter with I2C interface from Semtech

DigiSemtech has unveiled a digitally controlled DC-DC converter named the SC493. This device can digitally configure and interrogate the status of the controller over an I²C bus. The SC493 is the latest amongst Semtech's EcoSpeed converter platform. SC493 employs Semtech's adaptive on-time (AOT) controller architecture and has a feature set of a digital converter with a fast transient response.

"Most controllers today are analog, which can achieve high performance but lack flexibility," said Alan Burchfield, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Semtech's Power Management Group. "Some controllers now provide digital flexibility, but it is typically achieved via totally digital topologies. This requires the addition of high-speed data converters and power-hungry DSPs. Semtech's approach takes our best-in-class, adaptive on-time EcoSpeed controller core, and wraps it with a digital interface to provide the benefits of an efficient, high-performance analog core and the flexibility of digital control."

 The SC493 features an I²C interface. It is used to fine tune the output voltage and implement margining, it also aids in programming device functions such as output enable/disable, switching frequency, power-on delay time, soft-start time, power-save mode and ultrasonic power-save frequency. The I²C status register bits can be used for diagnostics such as current limit, over temperature, over/under voltage, brown out and power good. The converter also features an AOT topology, which Semtech says can meet the green power requirements by efficiently managing both standby and full current demands. These feature enable it for high-current, distributed main power supply rails in embedded applications for networking, communications, industrial, and office automation equipment.

The SC493 has a programmable switching frequency from 250kHz to 1MHz, which allows power supply rails to be optimized for either conversion efficiency or solution size. The device also incorporates the SmartDrive technology, which is a two-step, high-side FET turn-on technology to reduce EMI in noise-sensitive applications and provides FET gate drives capable of supporting output currents up to 25A. It is suggested for Laser Printer (Cable (DOCSIS), Ethernet MAC/PHY, Micro Controller, Optical (FFTH)), Notebook PC (LCD Display & Backlight, Graphic Memory Controller, I/O Controller Hub) applications.

 Other key features of the SC493 EcoSpeed Digital PWM controller are:

 -- In has a VIN of 3V to 28V for a VOUT of 0.5V to 5V.
 --Ultrasonic PSAVE: up to 95% peak efficiency during light loads
 --Protected with output OVP, UVP and short circuit protection

Package: Ultra-thin, 20-pad MLPQ package - 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.6 mm

Price: is priced at each US$1.06 for 3,000-piece lots.

For more information visit: www.semtech.com

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