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Date: 29-05-09

Single chip thermometer IC with RFID transceiver

The MLX90129 from Melexis packs complete temperature-sensing system with RFID transceiver in a single chip. This device is suitable for remotely measuring temperature and transmits the measured data to near-by RFID host. The typical applications listed by Melexis for this chip are cold chain management, asset management and monitoring, building automation, industrial data logger or medical monitoring devices.

The MLX90129 is integrated with functions of internal temperature sensor, sensor interface, controller, 13.56 MHz RFID transceiver and 3.2kilobit EEPROM memory.
 The external SPI port is provided to interface to an optional microcontroller or EEPROM.

By adding just an antenna, this IC becomes a complete thermometer.

The MLX90129 is packages in TSSOP20 and is optimized for low power, low voltage battery and battery-less applications. It can work in the temperature range of -40 to 85 Deg C.

MLX90129 is available in samples now and production volumes in November 2009. Pricing for the MLX90129 will be 1.00 Euros at 50,000 pieces quantity.

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