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Date: 03-05-09

0.5mA to 200mA range current source device

Linear Technology has released a new two terminal current source device LT3092 with 10-PPM output accuracy. This programmable current source can generate DC current source in the range of 0.5mA to 200mA and current regulation over 1.5V to 40V is better than 10ppm/volt.
The notable features of this IC include wide voltage range, high AC and DC impedance, good regulation, and low temperature coefficient. This constant current reference device work without capacitors.

The LT3092 features 1% initial accuracy and a very low temperature coefficient. It is ideal for "intrinsically safe" applications in which the output may be shorted and no sparking can be tolerated. The protection features include reverse supply tolerance and thermal shutdown to protect both the IC and the load.

According to Robert Dobkin, Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer for Linear Technology, "The LT3092 current source adds a significant new component to the designer's toolbox for future designs. Its ability to easily generate a constant current enables the simplification of many circuits. It can be used in precision or remote current limiting, bias circuits, temperature sensing, active loads, and signaling. Further, the LT3092 can be easily extended to operate at higher voltages or higher currents."

Package: 8-lead DFN (3mm x 3mm), 8-pin SOT-23, and 3-pin power SOT-223
Availability: Now

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