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Date: 04-02-09

Secure supervisor with integrated RTC and I2C interface

Maxim Integrated Products introduced DS3645, the secure supervisor for servers, cryptographic coprocessors, POS terminals, and secure communication applications. This newest member of Maxim's secure supervisor family integrates a real-time clock (RTC), automatic battery switch, and I²C interface. The DS3645 provides active tamper detection with rapid erasure of key memory. Eight uncommitted external inputs allow design engineers to implement additional levels of security. Designed for applications requiring the highest level of security, this device supports FIPS 140-2 Levels 3 and 4, as well as the highest requirements of Common Criteria.

Some of the other features include:

1. It's 4KB of the on-chip nonvolatile SRAM uses to store encryption keys. This memory architecture     helps the SRAM cells to eliminate the possibility of memory imprinting due to oxide stress, thereby     preventing the passive detection of data remnants in stressed memory cells.
2. It employs a high-speed, hardwired clearing function to erase the entire 4KB array in less than 100ns     after a tamper alarm has been generated by the device.
3. It provides tamper-detection inputs, as well as low-power continuous monitoring of system voltages,     resistive meshes, external sensors, and digital interlocks.
4. Its RTC crystal oscillator is also monitored and invokes a tamper response if the frequency falls     outside the set threshold.
5. An internal digital temperature sensor with a programmable rate-of-change detector protects the     DS3645's internal encryption-key memory from thermal attacks.
6. It constantly monitors primary power; in the event of failure, an external battery power source is     automatically switched in to keep the SRAM, RTC, and tamper-detection circuitry alive.
7. It is specified over the -55°C to +95°C temperature range.

Packaging: packaged in a leadless CSBGA for enhanced security
Pricing & availability: Due to the secure nature of this product, please contact the factory for pricing and availability.

For more information, go to www.maxim-ic.com

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