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Date: 28-11-08

Digital amplifier supporting IIS digital audio signal input

New digital amplifier R2J15116FP from Renesas supports IIS digital audio signal input with a built-in 24-bit audio DSP. It is intended for use in thin flat-screen TVs employing LCD or plasma display panels
The R2J15116FP deliver stereo output to two speakers at up to 15 watts per channel. The other main features are as follows.
Integrated audio DSP handles audio tuning saving the processing load on main DSP

Multiple protection and monitoring functions
Protection functions to prevent problems when this amplifier is in an abnormal state include detection of overcurrent, overheating, and low voltage. Additional functions include PLL unlock detection, which enhances the safety of signal input to the amplifier, and input signal error detection.

What is IIS? IIS is a representative pulse code modulation (PCM) format in recent years and a widely used output format for digital audio signals.
What is Parametric equalizer? The equalizer in an audio processing system allows raising or lowering of the gain for specific frequencies of the audio signal. Operation of the equalizer is left to the end user. In a parametric equalizer, the audio frequencies of the audio signal are divided into bands, and the center frequency of each band can be fine tuned by changing the parameter Q (quality factor). The primary reason for providing this functionality in the R2J15116FP is to enable fine-grained adjustment of the speakers' frequency characteristics.

Package: 48-pin HTQFP (size: 7 mm x 7 mm )

Availability: shipments will begin in December 2008 in Japan.

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