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Date: 26-10-08

Snubberless TRIAC driver opto-couplers with very low standby power

Fairchild Semiconductor brings designers an isolation solution that lowers standby power by up to 2W to meet stringent regulations with its optically isolated TRIAC drivers.
The new FOD410, FOD4108, FOD4116 and FOD4118 series of zero-crossing TRIAC driver optocouplers, eliminates the RC-snubber network when used to drive a snubberless discrete power TRIAC, saving board space and energy needed to power this circuitry.

Some of the key features are:

1. Can withstand high static and commutating dv/dt to protect against the high degree of noise found in     noisy industrial environments.
2. Static dv/dt immunity allows the device to remain in the blocking state in the presence of voltage     transients.
3. Commutating dv/dt immunity allows the device to turn off when the load voltage and current are out of     phase with each other.
4. Feature a 10,000 V/µs minimum rating for both commutating and static dv/dt.
5. The zero-crossing TRIAC driver optocouplers, which restrict the optocoupler from turning on only

when the AC voltage is near zero, further improving dv/dt immunity.
Price (each, 1K pcs.): US $1.29 for FOD410
                                        US$1.43 for FOD4108
                                        US$1.43 for FOD4116
                                        US$1.86 for FOD4118
Availability: Samples available now
For further information, please visit: www.fairchildsemi.com

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