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Date: 20-09-08

Op-Amp with over-voltage protection from Analog Devices

Analog Devices introduced an integrated precision operational amplifier ADA4091-2, with on-chip over-voltage protection circuitry for industrial process control.
The over-voltage protection feature prevents phase-inversion errors and excessive input current flows during transient or fault conditions.

The ADA4091-2 is a dual micro-power op amp with rail-to-rail inputs and output, which allows system designers to reduce the number of external components needed to ensure stable system operation.

Some of the key features of the device are:

1. Provides localized signal conditioning for sensor inputs.
2. Low offset, low offset drift and wide gain-bandwidth across a variety of sensor inputs.
3. 1.5-MHz op amp features a 350-µA-per-channel supply current, a 0.5-V/µs slew rate, and offset      voltage of 500 µV max.
4. The 36-V ADA4091-2 op amp protects up to 12 V above and below the supply rails at ±15 V and 25 V      above and below the supply rails at ±5 V.
5. Well-matched to operate with a range of ADCs

Packaging: 8-lead LFCSP

Price: $1.80 per unit in 1K-unit quantities

Availability: Is sampling now and will be available in production quantities in November.

For more information, visit: http://www.analog.com

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