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Date: 17-02-10

Embedded DRAM Buffer ICs from NEC Electronics for mobile graphics apps

The two new System on Chip (SoC) solutions from NEC Electronics integrates 16 megabits (µPD60800) and 30 megabits (µPD60801) of eDRAM memory with graphics processing logic and a high-speed MIPI-DSI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface - Display Serial Interface) graphics data connection to the host processor. The new Buffer ICs are suitable for high-resolution mobile graphics applications.

The key features of the µPD60800 and the µPD60801 SoC solutions are,

Realize image with high resolution with compact DRAM based package
Integrates graphics processing logic for high image quality
Support MIPI-DSI interface

The intelligent buffer integrated circuits (ICs) enable lower power consumption with high resolution and better display panel configurations. These processors also require a continuous supply of power and memory bandwidth in order to transfer data continuously to the display panel.

The new devices support MIPI-DSI, a high-speed serial data transfer interface that reduces the number of transmitter lines while suppressing electromagnetic interference (EMI). The µPD60800 MIPI-DSI-compliant interface includes two data lanes, each capable of running at up to 500Mbps in order to receive high-quality video and graphics from the host processor while enabling low system power consumption. In addition to MIPI-DSI, the µPD60801 device also supports MDDI interface.

µPD60800 and µPD60801: Priced at $5 and $7.5, respectively
Availability: Now

For more details visit www.necel.com

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