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Date: 07-01-10

Broadcom's Maestro software platform simplifies its wireless connectivity

New InConcert Maestro software platform from Broadcom enabling easy-to-use wireless applications to simplify the user experience in PCs, smartphones, netbooks, TVs, set-top boxes and other media devices.

InConcert Maestro platform by-passes the complexity of adding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity with a unified framework to provide Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for easy application development. This platform independent APIs work across product segments (i.e. PCs, smartphones, media devices).

The InConcert Maestro platform eliminates the need to manually choose, establish and manage the underlying wireless network. This platform is designed to complement Broadcom's wireless hardware portfolio to enable a transparent, turnkey solution for consumer electronic devices.

The key features of the InConcert Maestro platform are,

Supports Bluetooth v3.0 + HS standard
Wi-Fi software for 802.11a/b/g/n network connectivity and media streaming
Supports Wi-Fi Direct including peer discovery mechanisms
An open interface standard (OIS) enables innovation on top of installed wireless functionality
Maestro on a PC enables the user to stream video directly to a Maestro-enabled TV using a dedicated software application.
A Maestro-enabled PC and a Maestro-enabled mobile phone can share files and play connected games while each device is also used to browse the Internet.

Robert Rango, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Broadcom's Wireless Connectivity Group said, "Two of the most compelling trends in consumer electronics today are the pervasive growth of wireless technologies and the huge popularity of small, downloadable applications that enhance and transform the user experience. Our new Maestro technology is bringing these two trends together, making it easier than ever to add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to applications that will change the way people share media, communicate and interact with increasingly mobile devices."

Availability: Now, to its early access OEM partners

For more details visit www.broadcom.com

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