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Date: 01-01-10

LED lamp reference design cookbook from TI to speed up LED lighting designs

Powering LED lamps requires regulated voltage and current to get the maximum light and the life out of the LEDs. LED lamps are used for applications such as LED torch, solar lantern, street lamps, and room lightning lamps. LED lamps are built using multiple number of high brightness white LEDs.

Designers may have to spend more time in designing and testing high brightness lamps in selecting right LED driver ICs and other power semiconductor devices and also in designing the inductors and capacitors.

Power semiconductor IC specialist Texas Instruments has made available a ready reference design cookbook with schematic circuit diagrams to save designers time.
This book provides detailed circuit diagram schematics, LED driver IC specifications and performance characteristics. Some of the LED driver reference designs that are listed in this book include:

LED based LCD Backlighting applications
Replacement for Standard Lightbulb
25-Watt Dimmable Driver with PFC
100-Watt, Constant-Current, Non-Isolated Driver with PFC
10 Watt Green-Mode PWM LED Driver
Wireless-Controlled Triple LED Drive
Low Voltage Buck Boost for LED Torch
Boost Driver with Integrated Power Switch
3-Watt Solar Lantern

TI's LED lamp reference design cookbook can be downloaded from

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