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Date: 17-03-10

CCM PFC controller for 300W to 2kW power supply designs

Fairchild Semiconductor has developed CCM PFC controller for 300W to 2kW power supply designs that bring high system efficiency, high power factor and low THD. Fairchild claims this CCM PFC controller eliminates 54 external components.

The FAN6982, reaches near unity with 0.999 of Power Factor (PF) at full load helping to eliminate AC harmonic currents resulting from today's complex loads.

FAN6982 maintains high system efficiency at light load conditions by reducing capacitive switching losses and by reducing the voltage conversion ratio, which results in less conduction losses in the boost switch.

This CCM PFC controller features built-in brown-out protection, adjustable PFC output, RDY pin for power-on-sequence, 30V operating voltage capability and PFC soft-start. Fairchild claims all these features save 54 external devices.

This controller offers low Total Harmonic Distortion (4.6 percent at full load), which reduces these harmonics and meets class D requirements of IEC 1000-3-2. The FAN6982 does this through its switching-charge technology that senses input current and voltage directly, helping to improve PF and THD.

Price: US $0.69 in 1,000 quantity pieces

Availability: Samples available now

Delivery: 8 weeks ARO

For more info visit www.fairchildsemi.com

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