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Date: 17-03-10

USB-to-UART interface conversion made easier by Microchip

Microchip has made available the MCP2200 USB-to-UART protocol converter for connecting UART/RS-232 interfaced embedded systems easily to PCs with USB connectors. The MCP2200 USB-to-UART protocol converter comes with low-cost evaluation tool, software libraries and Windows based configuration tool to help engineers easily add USB connectivity to their application without completely redesigning the system.
The range of applications suggested includes industrial (e.g. data loggers, instrumentation, data-acquisition systems and smart-card readers) and medical markets (e.g. heart-rate, blood-sugar and blood-pressure monitors), in addition to legacy RS-232 applications.

Embedded system applications can be connected to PCs for data collection, transfer and analysis, and for system networking/connectivity using this simple USB-to-UART protocol conversion module. By simply connecting the MCP2200 UART interface to any microcontroller UART peripheral, USB connectivity can be added. The MCP2200 also includes 8 general-purpose I/O pins that can be controlled by the PC using the Windows-based configuration tool that comes with the MCP2200.

"USB connectivity continues to be one of the most requested items from our customers," said Bryan J. Liddiard, vice president of marketing with Microchip's Analog and Interface Products Division. "Our portfolio of PIC® microcontrollers with embedded USB functionality continues to expand. The MCP2200 USB-to-UART protocol converter and related support materials provide an easy-to-use, small-footprint and cost-effective option for adding USB connectivity to existing systems, providing more options for our customers."

Package: 20-pin SSOP and SOIC packages
Price: Each $1.39 for 10 K pieces

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