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Date: 18-10-11

3 new MHL transmitters from Silicon Image supporting MIPI DSI and HDMI 1.4a

Silicon Image has made available of three new MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) transmitters, the SiI8332 and SiI8336 supporting the MIPI DSI interface, and the SiI8334 supporting HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) for power-sensitive mobile devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, portable media players, tablets and HD camcorders. Their small 4x4mm BGA package offers a small form factor for mobile devices.

Key features of the new MHL transmitters include:

SiI8332 and SiI8336
Supports MIPI DSI input
Supports MHL output up to 1080p
Integrated high-speed switch reduces BOM cost
HDCP 1.2 support
8-channel uncompressed audio support
Pin-compatible, HDCP and non-HDCP versions available

Supports HDMI 1.4a input
Supports MHL output up to 1080p
Integrated high-speed switch reduces BOM cost

"As multimedia content and social media functions continue to multiply on mobile devices, consumers increasingly want the capability to display their content on a large screen for the ultimate HD experience," said David Kuo, director of product marketing at Silicon Image, Inc. "MHL technology enhances the connectivity of mobile devices to HDTVs, and our latest MHL transmitters are optimized to interface with the latest mobile applications processors for the next generation of HD-enabled smartphones and tablets."

Silicon Image explains that MHL technology is a growing HD audio/video connectivity standard that enables a mobile device to transmit 1080p uncompressed video with up to eight channels of digital audio over five pins, while also supporting HDCP content protection. In addition, MHL-enabled DTVs and displays provide power to the mobile device when connected, ensuring that the phone battery is charged and ready to use even after viewing a full-length feature movie. Consumers are also able to control MHL-enabled mobile devices using the existing DTV remote.

For more information on the new MHL transmitters, SiI8332, SiI8334 and SiI8336, and Silicon Image's comprehensive MHL-enabled product portfolio, visit http://www.siliconimage.com.

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