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Solar PV Technology news Last update: 8th Jul 2015

Top Stories  

SunEdison completes the 2nd over-the-canal solar PV installation in India

Panasonic expanding domestic solar PV production capacity

Solar PV capacity growing massively allover the world

Solar PV semiconductor fab in Gujarat, India by SunEdison and Adani

Is 2015 a big year for global Solar PV; Analysis by IHS on Chinese suppliers

Cost of solar PV modules to reach 0.4/W and 0.5/W by 2016

Solar PV technology roadmap for next five years is defined by efficiency

Quite a big jump in solar installations in fourth-quarter 2014

Solarnomics: By 2016, solar pv energy to offer best value for money

Solar powered sustainable home built by IIT shunya team

KYOCERA to produce 1.4GW solar modules and has given the world 5GW

Solar PV Module is forecasted to grow by 30% in 2014

Solar PV prices to remain stable due to growing demand, TrendForce

Sharp ranked as top vendor of solar PV module in Q1 2014

Solar PV Module is forecasted to grow by 30% in 2014

Solar PV prices to remain stable due to growing demand, TrendForce

Thin-Film Silicon solar PV share to fall in short-run

Efficiency of crystalline silicon-based solar PV touch 25.6%

Solar PV equipment market up by 6% in Q42013, as per SEMI

High efficiency solar PV in more demand, as per EnergyTrend

Solar PV farms in the range of 250 KW- 5 MW account for half of undergoing projects

Fuji Electric to sell its solar PV cell business to FWAVE

Opinion: US complains on China and want India not to restrict US on Solar PV

India based Moser Baer sells 100 Cr worth solar PV modules in Japan

Easy-to-make-polymer researched for improving organic solar PV efficiency

TERI: 100% renewable energy by 2050 in India is possible

Double-digit growth predicted for solar PV market in 2014

Efficiency, energy-storage, and acquisition are top trends in solar PV for 2014

NPD: Thin-film solar PV production declining to 8.9% in 2014

Organic solar cell efficiency boosted by researchers at UNIST

Heat converted to infrared to increase solar PV efficiency

Patents filed in Solar and wind rises sharply in 2012 and 2013

Solar PV cell efficiency taken to new levels

Japan saying no to nuclear and big yes to solar

Solar PV cost dependent on automation, not on cheap labour

IHS: Solar PV microinverter shipments to grow 4x times by 2017

Solar PV industry stops hurtling-down and starts growing

Scientists at Stanford exploit disorders in plastic solar cell to improve performance

Solar PV event: SOLARCON India 2013 from 1-3 Aug at Bangalore

SEMI: Quarterly solar PV equipment billing drop by 41% in Q12013

Solarbuzz forecasts 22% y-o-y growth for solar PV in 2nd half 2013

NPD Solarbuzz: Solar PV wafer production to grow by 19% in 2013

NPD Solarbuzz: Top-20 solar PV suppliers capture 70% share in 1st Q 2013

Sharp claims development of a Solar PV cell with record efficiency of 37.9%

ABB to acquire solar PV inverter maker Power-One

NPD Solarbuzz: Solar PV module revenues to reach $32 Billion by 2017

Delta designs its solar inverters using Cree SiC MOSFETs

Shake up in Solar PV vendor ranking, India's L&T in top-10, as per IMS

The rise-and-fall analysis of Suntech by iSuppli

M-Cells to use of SINGULUS' solar PV equipment for the passivation of cell

Solar PV tech: Zinc oxide nano wires infiltrated with lead-sulfide quantum dots for efficiency

SMA completed acquisition of majority stake in Zeversolar

Japan's solar PV market to grow by 120% in 2013, as per iSuppli

Power-One sold more than a million solar PV inverters

Global demand for solar PV to reach 31 Gigawatts in 2013, as per Solarbuzz

Panasonic's new solar PV factory in Malaysia starts shipping

Intevac to ship its Ion Implant equipment to a solar PV customer in 1Q2013

SERIIUS: Joint Solar PV research by US and India

SOLARCON India 2013 to be held in Bangalore on Aug 1-3

Low cost Organic Solar PV, the opposite of OLED reaches efficiency of 12%

Flexible sheet-like solar PV cells research by NREL and Stanford University

Companies in solar PV industry to plunge by 70% this year, predicts iSuppli

Solar PV market 2013: Drop in revenue, growth in installations

Panasonic started HIT solar module production in Malaysia

Solar Polysilicon price falls steeply in October

Solar International awards SoloPower with Solar Industry Award

Concentrated PV (CPV) to grow swiftly to reach 1.2 GW in 2016, expects IHS

PV Taiwan 2012 to showcase latest trends and technology in solar PV manufacturing

Imec and Solvay achieves organic photovoltaic module’s efficiency of 5.5%

Taiwan’s domestic solar demand weakened by the steep dive in FiT, says TrendForce

SOLARCON India 2012 in Bangalore on 3rd Sept

Solar PV Inverter growth estimates by IMS: 25% shipment and 3% revenue

China's new solar PV target boosts solar market

Imec uses cost-optimized process to make 20%+ efficient solar PV cells

Panasonic bagged IEEE corporate innovation award for HIT solar technology

SEMI: 1Q12 Solar PV manufacturing equipment billings declined

Price of polysilicon for solar decline in May 2012, fall is expected in June too: IHS

Researchers create slimmer thin-film solar cells with Nanoscale-sandwich technique

Applied Materials survey on solar finds lack of consumer awareness

22.68% efficient Heterojunction Solar Cells developed by Imec and Kaneka

VLSI research rewarded Applied Materials as the top PV solar equipment supplier

US antidumping taxes could defer 45% of solar module shipments to North America, says IHS

Solar PV cell from Sharp with world record conversion efficiency of 43.5%

Solar power components jointly developed by eSolar and Sanmina-SCI

SMAP spacecraft powered by EMCORE solar panels for 2014 NASA mission

Solar PV shade conditions simulated by NREL in repeatable test for arrays

IMS releases PV System Integrator rankings for 2011: BELECTRIC is number one

Polysilicon price may reach US$ 20/kg in 2012, predicts TrendForce

Nanotube electrodes to make dye sensitized solar PV cells cheaper

Flexible PV solar panel production plant in Germany opens

Moser Baer enhances its solar semiconductor tech for scaling up effeciency to 21%

CdTe photovoltaic PV solar module efficiency of 14.4 % by First Solar

Flamac and imec are partnering to develop new materials for solar PV cells

Solar PV manufacturing equipment market continue to decline in 2011

Imec achieved 8.3% effeciecy for organic polymer based solar PV cells

Researchers develop a better dye to enhance solar cell efficiency

Kaneka and imec develops 21% efficient solar cells using copper instead of silver

Panasonic to invest in Malaysia to manufacture solar wafers, cells and modules

Abundant opportunities for solar companies in rural electrification market

European research group aims to achieve 9% efficiency in organic solar PV module

Solar inverter maker AEG inaugurates factory in Bangalore

Solar powered crop harvesting robot wins Intel prize

Design concept for transformer-less Solar Inverter

SOLARCON India partners with IIT Bombay to conduct solar training course

Vivek Sharma of ST explains role of semiconductors in green energy

MEMC acquires Fotowatio Renewable Ventures Inc

SEMI publishes standard to specify silicon feedstock for solar PV manufacturing

Solar PV panels cost to reach $1 per watt sooner

Samsung Electronics transfers its solar cell business to Samsung SDI

IMS finds record build up of solar PV module inventory

BTU receives multiple solar cell rework furnace orders

SEMI along with CTM identifies cost reduction in solar PV manufacturing

Frost & Sullivan: North American residential solar market to reach $3.42B in 2017

Research: Solar PV installation in India to grow at 134% CAGR during 2009-2013

Concentrated solar PV growing strong

CENTROSOLAR to supply solar modules to TSMC

Breakthrough research by U.S. scientists lead to a 35 % up in solar cell power generation

Solar PV semiconductor equipment book-to-bill dips in 3rd Q 10, says a study

IMS estimates solar inverter shipment grew by 50% to reach 7.3GW in Q3'10

Chinese companies racing to expand PV cell and module manufacturing

Moser Baer to develop Copper Indium Gallium Selenide semiconductor based solar cells

Researchers reveal method to store solar thermal energy

Toshiba to set up a 1MW solar photovoltaic project for Hokuriku Electric Power Company

BHEL wins contract to set up Grid-Interactive solar power plants in Lakshadweep

Thin film solar PV production capacity to cross 2.7 GW by the end of 2012, says IMS

iSuppli predicts a strong and bumpy ride for solar PV in 2011

3M to begin high-volume production of solar film for flexible PV modules

Kyocera's 210W solar module passes a series of sub-tests by TUV Rheinland

National Semiconductor and Suntech join forces to develop 'Smart Panel' technology

Global solar photovoltaic demand up by 54% in Q2'10

TSMC begins building its solar semiconductor research and manufacturing facility

Corning and Oerlikon Solar acheive 11.9% stabilized conversion efficiency in silicon-tandem solar cell

Cree demos 150mm SiC substrates to enhance productivity

JDSU introduces CPV cells to generate electrical power

Multi-crystalline solar PV module from AU Optrinics obtains carbon footprint verification

IMS estimates Suntech beaten First Solar in solar PV modules shipments

IMS: Solar microinverters and DC/DC power optimizers' revenue to reach $1.5 billion in the next 5 years

IMS forecasts China as the world's largest Solar PV market by 2014

TÜV PV lab in Bangalore simulates sun inside the lab

AUO's solar reliability lab obtains UL WTDP certification

Enel, Sharp and ST join hands with aim to build Italy's largest Solar PV factory

New tech in enhancing Solar PV module performance

Worldwide PV market to almost double in 2010 reaching 14.6GW

Panasonic's lithium ion batteries to power solar cars in solar car race 2010

Solarbuzz: PV market in Asia Pacific to grow by about 85% in 2010

New Products   

Dilute nitride based high efficiency 4-J Solar PV cell by 2016, by Silicon Junction

99.1% power conversion efficient solar PV inverters

Solar based power source for electronic systems monitoring crop production

Solar wafer test system helps in yield and efficiency improvement

Solar PV micro inverter kit supports MPPT and grid-tied DC/AC inverter

Test services by UL for solar power plants

Stand-alone Solar PV electricity generator from Panasonic

Cloud powered rooftop solar PV power estimation tool from TERI

Films for solar PV panels protect against degradation

CZTSe -based thin film solar cell with 9.7 percent efficiency

Concentrator triple-junction compound solar PV cell efficiency reach 44.4%

Cool bypass switches from STMicro for solar PV modules

Solar modules from Kyocera withstands high-voltage stress test

10.7% efficiency on 1.1 cm2 - a world record by Heliatek for organic Solar PV

Quality shield-glass adds up to the solar PV cell efficiency

3600 wafers/hour solar PV metalization equipment with ramp rate up to 200 Deg C/Sec

Polyester labels for solar panels from TE are now UL recognized

Solar cell battery charging IC for mobile phones

80V power MOSFETs from ST for solar micro-inverters

300W Micro-Inverter and DC/DC Power Optimizer for solar power conversion

Set of IC chips for solar PV inverter design optimizes power conversion

EMC Filters for solar PV inverters up to 1500Amps

Murata offering software and hardware for a smart LED lighting system

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